Insider tips on what to do, see, eat, drink and enjoy in Bratislava.

What to do in Bratislava in Winter

Christmas Market With the falling temperatures and first snow, there are stalls rising up in the Old town at the Main Square and Hviezdoslavovo Square as well as in front of Eurovea shopping mall indicating that the Christmas market will be soon opening and that the Christmas is just round the corner. It is a very popular place among both…

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Bratislava Flagship In Bratislava With Bratislavaman

National cuisine in a traditional restaurant

Bratislava restaurant Flagship is the best choice if you want to explore Slovak cuisine. Flagship provides the best guide not only to the cuisine but to Slovak culture, tradition and habits as well. Tasty meals are cooked in accordance with traditional recipes of our grandmothers. The menu contents of description of all famous historical persons, events and mileages, too. I…

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Ice Bar In Bratislava With Bratislavaman

The coldest Ice bar in Bratislava

Looking for a super extraordinary bar for tonight? Please accept my coldest recommendation I can give you. There are two separate rooms. The first one is a standard cosy bar with 25°C. You can enjoy an attached terrace as well. The second room is the Ice bar. Its interior is completely made from ice. It means it is really freezing…

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Altitude Restaurant In Bratislava With Bratislavaman

The restaurant with special altitude

The restaurant is situated in the neighbourhood of the sky and clouds. An amazing panorama is waiting for you. The altitude restaurant is located in a television tower on the Bratislava hill. An overwhelming overview is not its only asset. The chef is totally passionate about a top class cuisine. A modern design of an interior and well-trained staff will…

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Bratislavaman KC Dunaj Bratislava Nighlife

The KC Dunaj Club

You feel like seeing some fresh cultural performances tonight, but a theater feels just too formal to you? Then you must visit Bratislava’s Kultúrne centrum Dunaj - KC Dunaj (or Cultural Centre Danube in English)! With BratislavaMan as your guide, you’ll enter the very multicultural heart of Bratislava’s cultural life. Arts, music, literature can be found here as much as…

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Bratislava Inline Skating With Bratislavaman

Inline evening in Bratislava

Do you like inline skating? People here like it, too. While you visit Bratislava you should not miss this. It is a great program for an evening in Bratislava. There is a fantastic mass of passionate skaters enjoying night rides. Join us and check out when the next inline action takes place. Make your trip to Bratislava more extraordinary and…

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Schoner Nazi In Bratislava

Citizens of Bratislava are chased by a smile!

A gentleman he was. Nowadays greeting all the tourists whilst visiting Bratislava, Schöner Náci statue is what we are talking about. A Bratislava’s character that was inspired by his grandfather had dedicated his life to make other people’s lives happier. His favourite walk was through the Old town and he loved to greet ladies. And hell he could greet almost…

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Bratislava Night Club Nu Spirit With-Bratislavaman

The NuSpirit Club

Do you like to be mainstream, or do you prefer to stand out from crowds? Is your answer the latter one? Then I have got something for you, a place where the very uniqueness is divided into two. The NuSpirit Bar and NuSpirit Club are what make your nightlife in Bratislava different. Offering various music styles, from hip-hop to the…

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Sightseeing And Restaurant Bratislava Stag

Where can you make the best Bratislava photos?

Do you want to experience the real “alien feeling”? Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the U.F.O. attraction in Bratislava. The SNP Bridge is being held by this completely unique piece of art. The flying disc-shaped restaurant that is situated on the top of this bridge offering you a beautiful sightseeing opportunity. Almost the whole Bratislava can be put into…

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Man At Work In Bratislava With Bratislavaman

1 unique way how to work in Bratislava

"Why are you staring at me?” That’s exactly the feeling you can get on your walking tour in the Bratislava’s Old town. On the crossroads of Laurinska and Panska, there is a “Man at work” or the staring man, or the staring soldier or… it’s upon your decision who is this guy and why does he do that, however, we…

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Bratislava Relax Shopping And Free Time

Relax, shopping and free time in Bratislava

On your day trip in Bratislava, there is a place for you to relax, the Eurovea Shopping Centre. An ideal shopping mall on the inside, and a garden on the outside, all close to the river Danube. Creating a perfect balance of shops and nature. Check out some clothes and books, then go out and play your favourite outdoor activities…

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Tip For Bratislava Best Pancakes With Bratislavaman

Location of the best pancakes finally revealed!

Fresh. Thin. Hot. Tasty. Don’t fool yourself too early! We are talking about a unique experience in Bratislava. Palacinka Lacinka offers fresh crepes, what a delicacy. All the different types of fillings are here for you to choose, and after a few moments, you are enjoying your own crepes only a few steps away from the main railway station. This…

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Adrenaline Bratislava Stag Jump From Bridge Free Fall

Bratislava Specialty

There are five bridges between Petržalka and the rest of Bratislava. Have you ever thought about jumping from one of them? Yes?! Then we are going to make it happen for you! Get your guts together and you will never forget this Bratislava’s attraction. BratislavaMan brings you The Crazy Jump from Lafranconi Bridge. Experience the real free fall and enjoy…

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Why visit Bratislava? Ultimate reasons for visiting!

Why visit Bratislava? Bratislava in general: It is incredibly cheap here and beautiful girls are everywhere! Really!!! Slovakia has a long history of beer culture. A lot of pubs have their own brewery. Bratislava is a safe place like any other country (plus you have also BratislavaMan assistance). Transport to Bratislava: Bratislava is reachable by train/bus/aeroplane. Ryan Air flies directly…

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Bratislava Beach

Bratislava Beach

Did you know that the Danube is the second longest river in Europe? And did you know that Petržalka is the most densely populated district in Central Europe? Well, now you know all the facts and you can enjoy a fresh drink on the shore of Danube and take your time enjoying Bratislava. There is no better place for that…

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Makove Sulance

Food & Drinks

You can find plenty of restaurants and bars in Bratislava. But what should you definitely try during your stay in Bratislava (or Slovakia)? Slivovica is an alcohol made of plums. It is very strong. Usually contains 52% of alcohol, but you will not recognize it. Kofola is a traditional Czechoslovak non-alcoholic drink. It is very tasty and similar to Coca-cola but…

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Basic Slovak Vocabulary


We prepared some of the basic phrases you may need during your visit to Slovakia. Location square - námestie tram - električka bus - autobus car - auto road - cesta direction - smer help - pomoc How can I get to… - Ako sa dostanem do… Food breakfast - raňajky lunch - obed dinner - večera meat - mäso…

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The monument above Bratislava: Slavin

Amazing trip to famous monument of Bratislava: The Slavin A trip to any city can be more fascinating experience with tips from local. I would like to show you some inspiration for your trip to Bratislava. Enjoy this one with deep historical value. Guys, this down is Slavin. The monument built 65 years ago with only one purpose- to celebrate…

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