You can find plenty of restaurants and bars in Bratislava. But what should you definitely try during your stay in Bratislava (or Slovakia)?

Slivovica is an alcohol made of plums. It is very strong. Usually contains 52% of alcohol, but you will not recognize it.

Kofola is a traditional Czechoslovak non-alcoholic drink. It is very tasty and similar to Coca-cola but made from herbs.

Fried Cheese French Fries Tartar Sauce Garnish
Fried cheese with french fries and tartar sauce (very unhealthy food) 🙂 But very popular among the young people in Slovakia. Excellent for curing any hangover.

Demänovka is a Slovak alcohol made of herbs, similar to the Jagermeister, but much more tasty.

Korbáčik is simply a cheese (made from cow milk) whip served as a stick. It is possible to ask for it in traditional restaurants or you can find it in every grocery store. This is one of my favourite delicacies. I highly recommend it.

Bryndzove Pirohy
Our traditional dish is Pierogies with bryndza. Bryndza is a traditional Slovak goat cheese made in a specific way.

Makove Sulance
Dumplings with poppy. Poppy is forbidden in many countries in Europe. Try this unique ingredient in our restaurants/grocery shops. I bet you will love it.