Slovak Dinner

When in Slovakia's capital city what better to do than taste some of the traditional dishes of this wonderful country!
From € 22 per person

Beerhouse Meal

Smooth as velvet, sparkling, golden, soft, delicious. Together with a delicious meal you will enjoy some rich flavoured beer.
From € 21 per person

Goose Liver Dinner

Goose liver is a meal worth a thousand words. No other food I know offers such richness and sublime taste.

Roasted Goose Dinner

Breeding of geese and goose feasts in Slovakia is a tradition so when in Slovakia, flavour a traditional meal!

Steak Dinner

In the heart of the centre, this perfect steak dinner will involve tasting a tender rib-eye which will melt in…
From € 24 per person

Wineries & Old Town Tour

See the lovely streets of the Old Town and taste the best from Slovak wines on your Bratislava Wineries Tour.

Leberfinger Restaurant

The Leberfinger restaurant is probably the oldest restaurant in Bratislava with the long history of serving food.

Medieval Feast

The Bratislava Medieval Feast will send you to a medieval period with a delicious dinner.

Prosecco Bike

Bratislava Prosecco Bike is a perfect way to spend your afternoon and get in a mood for an upcoming night.
from € 359 per group

Modern Party Boat

Let's get the party started on a modern boat with a stunning view on Danube river. The boat offers you…

Rooftop Event Terrace

Probably the best burgers in the city in combination with local beers accompanied by DJ's.

Savoy Restaurant

The Savoy restaurant combines traditional Bratislava and modern cuisine served in an iconic building in the historical centre of Bratislava.

Dunajsky Pivovar Restaurant

Enjoy a chill atmosphere on the deck having a perfect view of the panorama of Bratislava. This restaurant drafts its…

UFO Restaurant

The Ufo restaurant is one of Bratislava's most luxurious restaurants where you can expect exceptional quality both of food and…
That's all!

What better way to learn about a culture other than trying their food? Learn more about Slovakia and enjoy some good food and drinks in Bratislava.

I will bring you to some excellent restaurants and pubs which have spectacular food and delicious drinks. After a while your tummy will say stop but your eyes and heart will want to keep going on!