Christmas Market

With the falling temperatures and first snow, there are stalls rising up in the Old town at the Main Square and Hviezdoslavovo Square as well as in front of Eurovea shopping mall indicating that the Christmas market will be soon opening and that the Christmas is just round the corner.
It is a very popular place among both the locals and the foreigners who come to the market to enjoy some time together over a mulled wine, mead (traditional warm honey wine) or some traditional meals such as lokša (potato pancake with various types of both salty and sweet fillings, personally I would recommend the poultry liver filling should you wish to try something really special), cigánska pečienka (bun filled with grilled chicken or pork with onion and mustard), or štrúdla for dessert (a pastry made from a thin sheet of dough rolled up with filling and baked, popular are apple or sweet cheese fillings).
The Christmas market is also a great place to buy some souvenirs from the local craftsmen, such as woodcarvings, decorations from porcelain, ceramics or candles.
To get to the Christmas market at the Main Square in the Old Town, you need to walk through the narrow streets of the Old Town, which are nicely lit up with their own special atmosphere that are surely not to be missed when in Bratislava around this time of the year.


Get your friends together and enjoy some time together as a team during the game of curling playing against your other friends. You will quickly get into the game once you slide your first stone or sweep the ice with a broom in front of the stone. Watching the exciting exchange of the stones on the ice is often simply enough to draw you in.

Traditional Winter Cuisine

If you would like to experience some typical local cuisine for the colder months for your lunch or dinner, we can help with the arrangements to make your stay as care-free as possible.
One of the meals that is surely not to be missed is the Foie Gras (Goose Liver), soft and creamy with a rich flavour that will fill your mouth after the first bite and will overwhelm your taste buds with its special character. It resembles eating a pure butter, except that it is thousand times better, a true delicacy.
The Goose Feast is a great choice for your main dish: delicious juicy goose with crispy roasted skin served with lokše (potato pancakes) and red cabbage salad.

Open-Air Ice-Skating Rinks

Near the Christmas market at Hviezdoslavovo Square and in front of Eurovea shopping mall you can find the public open-air ice-skating rinks that are open from advent-time for as long as the low temperatures allow. You can easily borrow the ice-skates from the providers. And then feel again like in your childhood times.


Winter time is a perfect period to slow down and enjoy some relax in the spa, especially during the colder winter months. We know of the perfect spa venue located in the downtown of Bratislava with an indoor pool, saunas, steam bath, relaxation room and fitness area.
So leave all the troubles behind and enjoy some relaxing and refreshing time in the spa, you will feel newborn afterwards! We can also easily arrange a relaxing massage in the spa centre.

Bridge Swinging

The feeling when you are standing on the bridge rail one step from the free fall towards the icy waters of the Danube river while your friends are there with you – the feeling you can experience yourself during the bridge swinging activity, a softer version of bungee jump.
We will organise this for you with an experienced instructor who will provide all the equipment and suit you up for this thrilling experience. Some people say that it is even a life-changing experience! So don’t hesitate and prepare for the leap while enjoying the beautiful view on Bratislava from the bridge or while swinging under the bridge.


Have you ever shot from real-life firearms? The shooting in Bratislava is available throughout the whole year. In the indoor shooting range you can shoot with the famous Kalashnikov AK-47, Glock 17 pistol or a shotgun. Extra shots or different firearms are available upon request.
Dear ladies, do not be put off by thinking that this is only men’s domain, we had already several women only or mixed groups that enjoyed this as well!

Tank Riding

You no longer need to wonder what it feels like to ride in a tank! This unique experience is now available in Bratislava as well.
Not only you can take a ride on a straight road, but you also get to go over a car with the tank and see it fall into pieces as the heavy machine rolls over it as if it was a butter, only the sound of it is different with the metal and glass pieces cracking under it.

Kontinental Hockey League (KHL)

Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) in Bratislava draws thousands of ice-hockey fans from various countries during the winter months to join HC Slovan fans and experience a true hockey atmosphere as the local team faces off teams such as CSKA Moscow or Dinamo Minsk.
Ice-hockey is one of the most popular sports in Slovakia, so you can unmistakably feel it reflecting in the atmosphere during the match as well.

Christmas Tram

The Christmassy atmosphere of the city centre is complemented by a Christmas tram, a specially lit-up tram that rides through the streets of city centre with a surprising interior that is worth having a look at and taking a ride.

Views on Bratislava under Snow

Bratislava under the snow, spectacular panoramic views from places that are literally only steps from the Christmas market such as from Old Town Hall or St. Michael’s Gate.
Alternatively, you can combine the views with some sightseeing at Bratislava Castle or nearby Slavin War Memorial.
A rather specific view offers the UFO restaurant located above the Bridge SNP offering 360° panoramic view. It is also worth taking a stroll along the river Danube bank with great views and cafes on the way where you can stop by for some hot drink to warm you up.