Who is BratislavaMan?

My real name is Tomas and I started to organise tours and activities in Bratislava back in 2010.

BratislavaMan stands for a local superhero who is knowledgeable & passionate about Bratislava and so am I & so are my teammates.

Is BratislavaMan a private person or is it a company?

In 2016 I joined forces with an established travel company, that is based in Bratislava. We exchanged our know-how to make our clients enjoy the programs even more.

Now I am leading a team of 11 people that includes guides and reservation staff. And we work closely with several dozens of verified associates (transfer companies, restaurants, activity providers and even a striptease agency).

How can you offer so many activities?

There are more than 50 programs that we offer. We built this portfolio over the years by searching for the opportunities and listening to our clients.

All of them have been tested by me & my teammates and we regularly check the quality of the most popular ones.

Do you enjoy what you are doing?

I really enjoy it. It is more than a job for me. It is a kind of mission of delivering great experiences of Bratislava and letting our clients leave with good memories.

Many of my teammates are passionate about Bratislava or some of the services we deliver. We have an escape room guru, as well as true nightlife freaks.

Our shooting range & paintball suppliers combined their hobby with their work and that is a great way to spend the lifetime. Our sightseeing guides always enjoy tours with people who like to discover and often the tours are extended a bit to answer all the curious questions.

Why Bratislava?

Bratislava offers the perks of a modern city but also the possibility to view some history and off-the-beaten-path activities.

With the Danube and lakes, you have a wide range of water activities that you can do without needing to be near the sea!

Interlocked between Austria, the Czech Republic and Hungary, Bratislava gives a vast amount of opportunities if you are looking to visit other cities and countries.

Last but not least Bratislava is the city, where I was born and I want to make it a nice place to visit and live in.