Why visit Bratislava?

Bratislava in general:
It is incredibly cheap here and beautiful girls are everywhere! Really!!! Slovakia has a long history of beer culture. A lot of pubs have their own brewery. Bratislava is a safe place like any other country (plus you have also BratislavaMan assistance).

Transport to Bratislava:
Bratislava is reachable by train/bus/aeroplane. Ryan Air flies directly to the Bratislava airport. You can even make a trip to other metropolises like Prague/Wien or Budapest just because they are so close.

Sightseeing in Bratislava:
Bratislava has a wonderful downtown area and a great panorama of the river Danube. Experience the east block, the atmosphere is indescribable. You have to feel it I bet no one of your friends has ever been here.
It is not so overcrowded. There are not thousands of tourists like in any other European metropolises. You will experience the real Slovakian citizens and the traditional atmosphere.

Sport in Bratislava:
Bratislava is not a concrete jungle it has trees, parks and alleys that are suitable for sports activities. Great cycling opportunities. Enjoy a hockey atmosphere of KHL. There is even a possibility to manage tickets for a match.

Bratislava 10/4/2014