Did you know that the Danube is the second longest river in Europe? And did you know that Petržalka is the most densely populated district in Central Europe?

Well, now you know all the facts and you can enjoy a fresh drink on the shore of Danube and take your time enjoying Bratislava. There is no better place for that in the whole Eastern Europe (at least we think so 🙂 ) than Magio Pláž (or Magio Beach in English).

This is definitely your place number 1 to visit in Bratislava. It is a favourite summer chill-out zone with loads of sand and pools, beach volleyball courts, an outdoor gym and many other attractions for you to try. Enjoy Bratislava evening after your adrenaline activities and have a drink with a lot of young people on the beach. Relax a little bit with a rich evening program.

Bratislava 5/10/2014