Bubble Football

This is the next best alternative to football and half the entertainment is bumping into the opposition and sending them…
From € 36 per person

Summer Bobsleigh

You will be riding along a 350-metre man-made track which goes through the beautiful nature of a forested hill.
From € 24 per person

RC Car Racing

Although they may be small, the power within them is huge awaiting for you to action it.

Riverbank Apartment

This is a luminous, renovated apartment which contains new and modern furniture which is just waiting for you!
That's all!

If you are looking for something to do with your family then you are in the right place. We have activities, like the ropes course, for the children to enjoy the outside nature for them to release their inner Tarzan.

But of course there are also inside activities which can fulfill them with joy ! You don’t need to compromise with each other to have fun, you can altogether!

All day the kids will be fascinated! There are grounded options but also options to release their inner free spirits.