AK 47 Shooting

Have you ever shot with the real gun? Bang, bang, bang, you have permission to engage!


Curling is a sport of strategy and teamwork. Once you start, skimming on the ice and throwing the stone will…
From € 259 per group

Bubble Football

This is the next best alternative to football and half the entertainment is bumping into the opposition and sending them…
From € 36 per person

Bridge Swing Jump

Feet just a few meters from the edge, heartbeat quickening, heavy breathing. Woosh, feel the rush of wind through your…
From € 24 per person


Run until you can no longer, shoot your bullets, experience the adrenaline of paintball in a realistic indoor arena or…
From € 36 per person

Pistol Shooting

Charge the guns and shoot the targets, feel the energy of the guns as they fire the bullets.

Tank Riding

A professional tank driver will drive you through mud, bumps and vegetation as you hold on tight to the armoured…


Bratislava Airsoft is the closest you’re going to get to a full-on military experience.
From € 36 per person

Summer Bobsleigh

You will be riding along a 350-metre man-made track which goes through the beautiful nature of a forested hill.
From € 24 per person


Wakeboarding incorporates the best of watersports as you conquer the water and obstacles on a natural lake.
From € 42 per person

Laser Game

In a high-tech arena, the sophisticated sensors detect the laser beams as you chase and aim your opponents.
From € 25 per person


Footgolf is a mash-up of two the most popular sports, football and golf. This combination is excellent if you are…

Indoor Skydiving

Bratislava Indoor Skydiving is an extraordinary experience simulating a free fall from an aeroplane without a parachute.

Racing Car Driving

Drive one of the legends between fast cars exclusively in Bratislava and got through the breathtaking car experience.

Tank Car Demolition

Slam the car at full force with a hammer and enjoy the feeling of control as you continue.

Formula Driving

Steer the wheel of Formula ADAC Master or sit in the Formula Renault 2.0 and we guarantee you massive explosion…

River Surfing

It's the world's first artificial wave in streaming water, and it's perfect for beginners and expert surfers.

Ropes Course

Sweat dripping, fresh air on your face, the rope maze will be your opportunity to crawl around like a spider.
From € 31 per person

Hardcore Shooting

Fulfil your craving to shoot some powerful guns and get the opportunity to try 9 different potent guns.

RC Car Racing

Although they may be small, the power within them is huge awaiting for you to action it.

Five-A-Side Football

There really isn’t anything better than being there in the centre of the action and absorbing the buzzing atmosphere, as…
From € 21 per person

WW2 Rifles Shooting

Take a step back into history and shoot with original WW2 guns.
105 EUR per person


Attached to a 15 metre hose, you will be propelled into the air through high-power water jets allowing you to…
From € 67 per person

Lake Sports Day

With the activities that we have organised for you at the lake, you will be able to enjoy the freedom…
That's all!

Bratislava Adrenaline & Sports is waste category for all adrenaline junkies or sports lovers.

Bratislava adrenaline programs will put you outside of your comfort zone and often require a challenge. But you will be rewarded with a high-dose of endorphins and some photos to remember your Bratislava adrenaline experience.

As for Bratislava sports, there is choice between traditional sports and some sport activities that are yet to be recognized as official. Both offer a lot of physical activity and excitement of competing against your fellows.

Bratislava Adrenaline Activities

The water areas around Bratislava as well as some higher grounds offer the coolest Bratislava adrenaline activities. Warmer months (starting April and ending October) offer the most options.

Bratislava Sports

So you want to enjoy some traditional or even unusual sports in Bratislava? I have offers for sports team on their annual trips as well as for ad-hoc request.

Slovakia’s most popular sports include football, ice hockey. But there is increased popularity for cycling and water sports as well. Should you prefer something less usual, then Bratislava offers sports like curling or footgolf.