Post-Communist Tour

Sit down in the legendary Skoda car manufactured in the 70's which is the revolutionary brother of Trabant.

Segway Tour

See all the hot spots all around Bratislava without getting tired and wasting the whole day.

Cabrio Bus

Gaze the architecture and landmarks along the road, with the fresh air through your hair and along your face.

Bunker Tour

WW2 Bratislava Bunker Tour combines the passion for history & the thrill of understanding what combat was really like in…

Cadillac Limo

If you want to make your day unforgettable try having a ride on the presidential state car.
from € 299

Wineries & Old Town Tour

See the lovely streets of the Old Town and taste the best from Slovak wines on your Bratislava Wineries Tour.

Lincoln Limo

Have the eyes of the people on the road locked on the luxury of the car! This is your opportunity…
from € 129

Hummer Limo

Give your journey some bling as you glide along the streets in this huge beast.
From € 506 per service

Beer Bike

The Bratislava Beer Bike activity with a private driver is a sightseeing on a whole new level.
from € 349 per group

Prosecco Bike

Bratislava Prosecco Bike is a perfect way to spend your afternoon and get in a mood for an upcoming night.
from € 359 per group
That's all!

Although it is a small city, there is so much to discover. So many alternative places and architecture in Bratislava which you can admire.

The day can be packed with activities, ranging from a segway tour to a panoramic walk of Bratislava. These tours will reward you with more insight about Bratislava and will reveal the inner-workings of this city.