Amazing trip to famous monument of Bratislava:
The Slavin

A trip to any city can be more fascinating experience with tips from local. I would like to show you some inspiration for your trip to Bratislava. Enjoy this one with deep historical value. Guys, this down is Slavin. The monument built 65 years ago with only one purpose- to celebrate fallen heroes of second world war.

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So, how to get to Slavin? Which line should I take to get to Slavin?

Find this and more in following photo guide. Enjoy Bratislava with Bratislavaman!

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First of all, do not forget about this guy on the left. Please do not forget to buy a ticket. You need one 0,70€ for one way. Ticket collectors in Bratislava are very though. They are accompanied by big bodyguards. But if you have a ticket you will find them very nice. They can advise you on the direction and so on. So do not forget about the ticket.

Afterwards, take a trolleybus no 203. You can find the schedule in English here. Look for the direction to BÚDKOVÁ. It is the terminus. This is where are you heading now. On your way up, you will ride by the castle and many wonderful overviews.

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After getting off the bus on Búdkova stop, turn left. There is a restaurant with really great pizza! Try it. Anyway, if you are not hungry, turn right and start your journey to Slavin. I bet you will be able to guess the right direction!

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What is Bratislava Slavin?

Monument is devoted to fallen Russian soldiers. They sacrificed the highest price to free the Slovak nation from the slavery of the German Nazis.
The memorial is easily and freely accessible to the public. There are 6845 soldiers buried in 6 mass graves and 278 individual graves. Bratislava built 40m high statue to remember their lives. On the top of the obelisk is 11 m high sculpture of a soldier waving with a flag. This imposing memorial is recognizable from almost whole Bratislava.

Memorial to fallen russian soldiers on Bratislava SlavinMemorial to fallen russian soldiers on Bratislava Slavin

Why is it so popular among young people?

This place is very popular among the young community. They use to sit there for hours and drink some wine with an overview of whole Bratislava. So do not be surprised if you find a lot of new friends during Fridays and Saturdays evenings.