Post-Communist Tour

Sit down in the legendary Skoda car manufactured in the 70's which is the revolutionary brother of Trabant.

Segway Tour

See all the hot spots all around Bratislava without getting tired and wasting the whole day.

AK 47 Shooting

Have you ever shot with the real gun? Bang, bang, bang, you have permission to engage!

Bubble Football

This is the next best alternative to football and half the entertainment is bumping into the opposition and sending them…
From € 36 per person


Bratislava Airsoft is the closest you’re going to get to a full-on military experience.
From € 36 per person

Summer Bobsleigh

You will be riding along a 350-metre man-made track which goes through the beautiful nature of a forested hill.
From € 24 per person

Indoor Skydiving

Bratislava Indoor Skydiving is an extraordinary experience simulating a free fall from an aeroplane without a parachute.

Formula Driving

Steer the wheel of Formula ADAC Master or sit in the Formula Renault 2.0 and we guarantee you massive explosion…

RC Car Racing

Although they may be small, the power within them is huge awaiting for you to action it.

Cabrio Bus

Gaze the architecture and landmarks along the road, with the fresh air through your hair and along your face.

Beerhouse Meal

Smooth as velvet, sparkling, golden, soft, delicious. Together with a delicious meal you will enjoy some rich flavoured beer.
From € 21 per person

Steak Dinner

In the heart of the centre, this perfect steak dinner will involve tasting a tender rib-eye which will melt in…
From € 24 per person

Nude Life Drawing

Surrounded by an attractive model you will be able to release your inner artistic senses and reenact a scene from…
From € 47 per person

Wineries & Old Town Tour

See the lovely streets of the Old Town and taste the best from Slovak wines on your Bratislava Wineries Tour.


Enjoy the atmosphere on the modern deck and the cool rushing Danube below your feet.

Tandem Parachute Jump

Get in a jumpsuit, put on goggles and enjoy the views as you float back to the ground at speed…

Bow Shooting

The Bratislava Bow Shooting brings you the oldest and still popular shooting activity.

Crossbow Shooting

Get ready for the Bratislava Crossbow Shooting activity and experience powerful & accurate shooting.

Archery Tag

Split into two teams and compete in the dynamic Bratislava Archery Tag activity.

Beer Bike

The Bratislava Beer Bike activity with a private driver is a sightseeing on a whole new level.
from € 349 per group

Escape Room Battle

Divide into two teams and compete against each other in the Bratislava Escape Room Battle. Can you manage to escape?

Car Vandalising

Bratislava Car Vandalising is a new era of relaxing. Take a hammer or a baseball bat and smash everything that…

Football Tickets

We offer Bratislava Football Tickets to enjoy the best teams of the highest Slovak football league.
That's all!