You will be riding along a 350-metre man-made track which goes through the beautiful nature of a forested hill.

With your body two inches from the ground, you will feel the fast speed and the fresh air and perfumes of nature.

The brakes on the Bratislava bobsleigh will give you full control of the speed so there is no need to worry about losing control!

Not to mention, at the end there is a cable which brings you to the very start so you will not shed a drop of sweat!

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Package includes

  • 3 Rides Per Person
  • One Beer Per Person
  • Two-way Transfer
  • Tour Guide
Price: From € 24 per person
Based on minimum 10 people. If you are smaller group, I can organise the activity already from 6 persons.

Additional info

3 Rides
Forested area, 15 minutes from downtown
April to October

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