Bratislava Indoor Skydiving is an extraordinary experience simulating a free fall from an aeroplane without a parachute.

You’ll be put into a big wind tunnel where the conditions are exactly the same as you would be falling thousands of meters down to the ground without a parachute. Luckily, you will land down safely. The wind tunnel is used by national parachute teams all around the world so the authenticity is guaranteed.

People who are afraid of heights can finally taste the feeling of free fall without being scared to death. One minute spent in the wind tunnel is equal to a 4000 meters free fall and you’ll be flying 250km/h in a 5,8-metre high tunnel. In addition, you’re under supervision of qualified instructor who will give you hints how to survive it.

You’ll be given all needed equipment that is already included in the price and after the free fall indoor parachuting experience, you get a certificate that you can proudly show to everybody at home.

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  • Experience Instructor
  • All equipment
  • Safety briefing
  • Certificate

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