Fulfil your craving to shoot some powerful guns and get the opportunity to try 9 different potent guns.

You start with two 2 different 9mm calibre pistols the Glock 17 and either the Sig Sauer 2009 or CZ75 or Grand Power 100. These bad boys are just the beginning.

Next, a taste of the Czechoslovak Skorpion vz. 61 which is an Uzi-style submachine gun in semi-automatic mode and next goes a calibre .38 Revolver.

Moreover, you will have the chance to try a shotgun and the Saiga 12, another semi-automatic shotgun which has a similar design to the Kalashnikov.

To continue the most popular firearm in history, the AK-47 Kalashnikov rifle comes into action. This gun played its role in most military conflicts from 1950’s till current days and it played a role in more action movies than any other rifle.

This ultimate Bratislava shooting package will finally include the Soviet long-distance sniper rifle with a periscope SVD Dragunov and the Soviet hand-held machine gun, RPK Kalashnikov.

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Package includes

  • 9 Weapons Rental
  • 140 Bullets
  • Targets to Shoot
  • Eyes and Ears Protection
  • Activity and Safety Briefing
  • Two-way Private Transfer
  • Tour Guide

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