Feet just a few meters from the edge, heartbeat quickening, heavy breathing. Woosh, feel the rush of wind through your hair as you plunge towards the Danube river from a 25 metre fall.

Conquer your fears together with your friends while you enjoy the view from the bridge during the Bratislava bridge swing jump.

The rush of adrenaline once you do the Bratislava bridge swing jump is incomprehensible. But it doesn’t finish there! You continue swinging freely for some 20-40 seconds.

So don’t be scared, you are in the hands of experts who will provide your safety gear and instruct you on the safety measures to follow.

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Package includes

  • 1 Bridge Swing Jump Per Person
  • Equipment
  • Activity and Safety Briefing
  • Two-way Ticket For Public Transportation
  • Tour Guide
Price: From € 24 per person
Based on minimum 10 people. If you are smaller group, I can organise the activity already from 6 persons.

Additional info

From 1,5 hours (inclusive transfers) for small groups
15 minutes transfer & 10 minutes walk from downtown
All Year
Age: Minimum 18 years. Weight: Maximum 110 kg.

Totally Crazy Jump

Frequently asked questions

  • Are more jumps possible ?

    Indeed, you can order extra jumps for only 12 EUR per jump.

  • Is it safe?

    It is, I tested it myself and my good friend Jaro who heads the supplying company made more than 3000 people jump from the bridge with all of them safely pulled back afterwards. Some scratches happened to very few participants.
    Comparing to classical bungee jump, you are doing it above waters of the Danube river, so in the very improbable case (that never happened to our partners yet) you just hit water with your feet.

  • Is the rope safe ?

    The supplier is using alpinist equipment that hold a private car, so it can certainly hold anyone of you.

  • Any health restrictions?

    Apart of the maximum weight of 110 kg, this is not recommended to people with cardiologic and neurologic illnesses.

  • Is transfer included to the Bratislava Bridge Swing Jump?

    Two-way ticket for public transfer are included!

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