Sweat dripping, fresh air on your face, the rope maze will be your opportunity to crawl around like a spider.

The ropes bring you higher into the canopy presenting you with obstacles as you make your way through the network of wood, ropes and cables.

Each obstacle presents a new challenge, some will test you physically others will require teamwork to be completed successfully.

If you are worried, the smell of trees surrounding you will reassure you and there will be an instructor to ensure your safety.

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Package includes

  • 1 Hour On The Ropes Course
  • 42 Challenges, 4 Cableways and A Total Of 423 Meters Of Different Routes
  • Per Person 1 Beer
  • Experienced Instructor
  • Equipment
  • Safety Briefing
  • Two-way Private Minibus Transfer
  • Tour Guide
Price: From € 31 per person
Based on minimum 10 people. If you are smaller group, I can organise the activity already from 6 persons.

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1 Hour (not including transfer)
Bratislava Forest
From April until October

Discover the Tarzan side of you

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