White-Water Day

With the potent Danube ready for your service, this day will encapsulate every activity imaginable!

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Bam! The target bursts as the bullet cracks the body of the clay. What a huge satisfaction.

Tandem Parachute Jump

Get in a jumpsuit, put on goggles and enjoy the views as you float back to the ground at speed…

Bow Shooting

The Bratislava Bow Shooting brings you the oldest and still popular shooting activity.

Crossbow Shooting

Get ready for the Bratislava Crossbow Shooting activity and experience powerful & accurate shooting.

Archery Tag

Split into two teams and compete in the dynamic Bratislava Archery Tag activity.

Car Vandalising

Bratislava Car Vandalising is a new era of relaxing. Take a hammer or a baseball bat and smash everything that…

White Water Rafting

Rafting down a white-water channel is a truly unforgettable ride.
From € 49 per person
That's all!

Bratislava Adrenaline & Sports is waste category for all adrenaline junkies or sports lovers.

Bratislava adrenaline programs will put you outside of your comfort zone and often require a challenge. But you will be rewarded with a high-dose of endorphins and some photos to remember your Bratislava adrenaline experience.

As for Bratislava sports, there is choice between traditional sports and some sport activities that are yet to be recognized as official. Both offer a lot of physical activity and excitement of competing against your fellows.

Bratislava Adrenaline Activities

The water areas around Bratislava as well as some higher grounds offer the coolest Bratislava adrenaline activities. Warmer months (starting April and ending October) offer the most options.

Bratislava Sports

So you want to enjoy some traditional or even unusual sports in Bratislava? I have offers for sports team on their annual trips as well as for ad-hoc request.

Slovakia’s most popular sports include football, ice hockey. But there is increased popularity for cycling and water sports as well. Should you prefer something less usual, then Bratislava offers sports like curling or footgolf.