Get in a jumpsuit, put on goggles and enjoy the views as you float back to the ground at speed of around 200 km/h.

Just 60km from Bratislava you will get an important safety briefing before you’ll be taken to a 3000 metres altitude by your private aeroplane. You will be attached to your instructor and when the time comes you will jump out and free fall around 35 seconds.

After the parachute opens you still have 5-7 minutes to enjoy the landscape and maybe – if you’re brave enough – to take control and fly straight to the landing point.

In fact that the Bratislava tandem parachute jump is held at the airport which is 60 km far from the city, we provide a private two-way transfer for a small additional cost.

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Package includes

  • Fly in an airplane
  • Jump from 3000 metres
  • 35 seconds free fall
  • 5-7 minutes fall with a parachute
  • Safety briefing
  • All equipment
  • Optional two-way transfer

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