The Bratislava Bow Shooting brings you the oldest and still popular shooting activity.

This old sport requires a combination of a physical and mental strength, discipline, endurance and stamina. Luck or coincidence has no place in a bow shooting.

Combine all these, take your modern bow and hit a target right in a yellow middle point.

The Bratislava Bow Shooting package includes 3 hours of shooting in an indoor or outdoor hall just 30 km from Bratislava. An instructor will lead you throughout the whole activity and your English speaking guide will be ready to help you from pick up until drop off.

Just chill with your friends and enjoy a calm atmosphere that this sport brings.

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Package includes

  • 3 hours session
  • Experienced instructor
  • Safety briefing
  • Two-way transfer
  • English speaking guide
  • Bottle of water per person

Additional info

30 km from Bratislava
All year

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