Divide into two teams and compete against each other in the Bratislava Escape Room Battle. Can you manage to escape?

Meet your lovely guide at your accommodation address who will take you to the Bratislava Escape Room Battle venue.

You will split into two teams and each team will be sent to separate rooms where you will solve riddles. The rooms are placed next to each other divided by a glass wall. You will be able to communicate in order to bargain with each other, share hints or make it harder for the opposite team.

Become the winning team who will open the door under 60 minutes. You will be forced to work as a team if you want to solve the puzzles. The game requires logical thinking, a dose of intuition, and a teamwork.

Reveal who is a leader, detailed oriented, calm one or the one who just does nothing. The game is perfect for putting the group together.

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  • 60 minutes of game
  • English speaking guide

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