Rope maze

One of the most challenging Bratislava activities. This attraction is going to test your willpower for sure! Rope maze is ultimate attraction for your afternoon.

Bratislava 10/4/2014

Can you fully focus in 10metres height? Find it out in our rope centre…

Open up your mind for better perspectives. Let's join us in treetops. Find out what living is a little bit higher from the beloved ground. You will sneak through branches and leaves to the amusing park. It is made of ropes with thumb thickness, metal screws and snap-hooks. This attraction will challenge you in many ways. To reach the destination you will have to climb, crawl and balance- but what is the most important- DO NOT LOOK DOWN, SERIOUSLY!!! This whole snap-hook is situated 10+m above the surface. Yes of course, you will have your safety rope. And there is professional team, with long time experience, as well. But it will not help you keeping calm, trust me… Only sky is the limit, this time we take it by word. We are looking forward to help you to push you further. One of the most famous attraction in Bratislava. Come and discover your limits in the skies today.

Price is including:

celok light

Free souvenirs

Transport to attraction
Round in rope maze (approximately 1-2 hours, depending on you)
Bratislava sightseeing guide travel activity attraction (2)Photos with professional camera for free
Bratislava sightseeing guide travel activity attraction (2)Free souvenirs badge and magnet


  • Payment for attraction on the spot
  • Any questions? Send us e-mail! Guarantee of reply in 4 hours, otherwise free beer for everyone

Rope maze Bratislava stag 25 € / person

The price is calculated per one person in a group. The group is at least 6 persons. If you are smaller group- do not hesitate to contact us for special offer.

Price: 25 €

Time spent: 3 hours