Ride in the raft

One of the most interesting Slovakia attractions! Enjoy Bratislava and activities in training canal of Olympic winners.

Bratislava 28/3/2014

Everybody should try it at least once in the life. This sport tells you quite a lot of about yourself. It will challenge you! It is not only for water sports fans.

This activity offers a unique combination of adrenaline, real adventure and fun with friends. Can you rely on them in really tough situation? Do you want to find out? Water will show you truth face. Make your visit to Bratislava worth more than ordinary experience. Ride dangerous waters in the best canal in the middle Europe. Slovakia has many Olympic winners which train in the same place. You will remember this experience for quite long time. So prepare your swimsuits and let's go to the water. Great adrenaline experience is waiting for you just few kilometers away from Bratislava.

Price is including:

celok light

Free souvenirs

Raft for 7 persons for 90 minutes
Bratislava sightseeing guide travel activity attraction (2)Photos with professional camera
Bratislava sightseeing guide travel activity attraction (2)Free souvenirs badge and magnet

  • Any questions? Send us e-mail! Guarantee of reply in 4 hours, otherwise free beer for everyone
  • Payment for attraction on the spot

Rafting in Bratislava 40 € / person

The price is calculated per one person in a group. The group is at least 6 persons. If you are smaller group- do not hesitate to contact us for special offer.

Price: 40 €

Time spent: 4 hours