Totally crazy jump

Famous among all local people- Jump from the bridge. Enjoy Bratislava free fall during your visit Bratislava. I highly recommend it.

Bratislava 10/4/2014

Highway in the city of Bratislava. 25 meters height. Only the famous river Danube below. Jump or not. Its your call…

Every town has it’s own special feature. Bratislava does as well. You have never ever tried something similar. Do you like adrenalin? You will love this. You will give one momentary look to your friends and then it comes… look down… Perhaps you start thinking why the hell you are trying this. You will be standing on the handrail and deciding to jump or not. It is though decision, trust me. There is 25 metres of free fall waiting for you. You will be stopped by safety rope approximately 1 m above the water level. Safety is coordinated with professional instructors. They have quite long experience in this activity. So do you know have many times do you want to try this attraction today? One, two three times? It is your call. You know, it is said, who did not try this like he even wasn’t in Bratislava.

You can find photo gallery of our friends whose tried this activity during their visit to Bratislava here.

Price is including:

celok light

Free souvenirs

Bratislava sightseeing guide travel activity attraction (2)Photos by professional photographer
Bratislava sightseeing guide travel activity attraction (2)Free souvenirs badge and magnet


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  • Payment for attraction on the spot

Jumping from bridge in Bratislava: 27 € / person

The price is calculated per one person in a group. The group is at least 10 persons. If you are smaller group- do not hesitate to contact us for special offer.


Price: 27 €

Time spent: 3 hours