Unique Bratislava tour

Enjoy Bratislava tour in train today! Discover the comfort of sitting in road train. Listen to interesting audio guide in Bratislava old town.

Bratislava 3/4/2014

This fantastic tour in historical train will change your thinking about sightseeing. It does not have to be boring or exhausting. You can relax now. You find very pleasant way of sightseeing. Bratislava tour by train offers very comfortable transport mean. It is very popular to take a ride and listen to interesting audio guide.

It offers trip to rich history of Bratislava. This “Bratislava tour Train” is only motor transport mean allowed in historical part of downtown. It will take you to the most wonderful parts of Bratislava. You can see all historical monuments from the comfort of your private coupe. There is included audio guides available in 11 languages. The tour starts on main square. Than it leads through all historical monuments in city center up to the Bratislava castle. The opportunity to have the best photos and you do not have to do one single step :)

Price is including:

Audio guide
60 minutes round tour in sightseeing train from main square to Bratislava castle

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  • Payment for attraction on the spot

Old train Bratislava tour 20 € / person

Price: 20 €

Time spent: 2 hours