Slide from the hell

One of the craziest Slovakia attractions! Face your courage today and try The real Bratislava water sport. Enjoy amazing things to do in Bratislava.

Bratislava 10/4/2014

Water + pure adrenaline = hydromadneeees. It doesn't matter how much time do you spent in Bratislava. You just can't miss this attraction. But be aware- this is not for weak natures…

This unique activity is something… amaaaazing. There is nothing like this. You will have firsthand experience from dangerous waters. Slovakian Olympic winners train canoe and kayak disciplines here. But you will not have it such easy like they have. We will let you there without the boat. You will get just float and flipper. That's all… We are waiting for you in the finish line. You will enjoy it for sure! There is always top skilled team of professional lifeguards present. We will not let you drown down. There is 500 metres with 35 curves waiting only for you. This is guarantee that you will come up from water covered by sweat. Reserve it today and prove to your friends who are the toughest guy.

Price is including:

Transport to attraction
30 minutes instruction + 60 minutes activity
Bratislava sightseeing guide travel activity attraction (2)Free souvenirs badge and magnet
Bratislava sightseeing guide travel activity attraction (2)Photos with professional camera

  • Any questions? Send us e-mail! Guarantee of reply in 4 hours, otherwise free beer for everyone
  • Payment for attraction on the spot

Water sport in Bratislava stag 49 € / person

The price is calculated per one person in a group. The group is at least 7 persons. If you are smaller group- do not hesitate to contact us for special offer.

Price: 49 €

Time spent: 4 hours