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Segway sightseeing tour Bratislava near river Danube

Segway sightseeing tour Bratislava near river Danube

Discover Bratislava old town with the most modern transport mean. Enjoy Bratislava sightseeing tour on segway.

Bratislava 10/4/2014

Do you want to see a lot of amazing places in Bratislava? Do you want to try something new at the same time?

Segway day tour offers you not just this. It offers you a unique way of how to see many monuments in very short time. It doesn't matter they are far away one from another. There is great transport mean and professional guide prepared at your services.

Segway is revolutionary transport mean. It can take you wherever you want to go. It's the biggest benefit is that is controlled fully intuitively. I guarantee that you become master of Segway in 5 minutes. Enjoy great comfort of your sightseeing tour in Bratislava. You will be noticed of every single interesting place or fact by guide. His commentary is breath taking and real. You will hear a lot of about history, famous persons in Bratislava or communist post reality. Let's discover the life of country behind the iron curtain. Sign today and be sure to know more about the Bratislava.

Price is including:

Bratislava sightseeing tour on Segway 1 hour tour
Licensed guide
2 hour available for is available for 65 € /person


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20%SALE!!! NEW PRICE 45 € /person 20%SALE!!! old price 55 €

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Price: 55 €

Time spent: 2 hours