World War II. bunkers

Main HQ bunker with 2m concrete walls

Main HQ bunker with 2m concrete walls

Looking for real eastern Europe attraction? This is it! Discover the heritage of WW II. with unusual Bratislava tours. The last defense stance of Slovakia against Adolf Hitler.

Bratislava 10/4/2014

It is a heritage of every single nation in the Europe. You will experience times that are far away now. Let’s discover dark history of the Europe with the most professional guides in the Bratislava. Sign up today and experience living conditions of soldiers before second world war in the first line of defense. You can touch the same walls that mention the difference between life and death. There are strong emotions only… Slovakia accepted it’s history and we would like to share it with you. System of fortifications was one the most perfect at those times. It was built as the last defense point against Adolf Hitler. There is amazing museum with equipment, weapons and photos. You will have your own professional guide. Transport to bunkers is provided by historical vehicles. This is one of my favorite attractions here in Bratislava. Will you join me here?

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