Curling match

How to enjoy your trip to Bratislava? Try something new, try Bratislava Curling with friends. This is going to be the match of your life.

Bratislava 10/4/2014

Have you ever heard about it? Why is the popularity of curling trending so rapidly? What is the secret of this game?

We are offering you unique alternative of free time activity. There is no other game like this one. It is very young and charming game. It appears like really weird chasing rock on the ice. And what are doing those people with those strange sticks? Let's find out together. Are you afraid that you are not familiar with rules? Don't be!

I have arranged instructor for you. He will guide you through the whole game. You will have your private professional assistant during activity time. Guide will fully support you on ice. He will reveal some tips and secret tricks. Forget about everyday stress and let's focus on something totally new. This game will catch you for sure. You will have definitely extraordinary experience that you can speak about after you come back home.

Price is including:

celok light

Free souvenirs

1 hour of game= 15 minutes instructions, 5 min training, 40 min of match. It is possible to play more upon agreement.
Bratislava sightseeing guide travel activity attraction (2)Photos with professional camera
Bratislava sightseeing guide travel activity attraction (2)Free souvenirs badge and magnet


  • Any questions? Send us e-mail! Guarantee of reply in 4 hours, otherwise free beer for everyone
  • Payment for attraction on the spot

Private Curling in Bratislava: 35 € / person

The price is calculated per one person in a group. The group is at least 8 persons. If you are smaller group- do not hesitate to contact us for special offer.

Price: 35 €

Time spent: 2 hours